Wednesday, February 18, 2009


July 4, 1989

These were my photos and journal entries for a People To People trip that started on July 4, 1989 and toured Eastern Europe. The photos are embarrassing. The thoughts I had as a 17 year old male away from his parents for 28 days are even more embarrassing, so I reserve the right to poke fun at myself or in extreme cases redacting sections that are just way too embarrassing. In some cases, I've forgotten who is who, but I think by the time I have this finished, I should have everyone's name right for the pictures.

4.5 hour bus ride to DC. We stayed at Thurston Hall at GWU. We wandered around DC for awhile before an organizational meeting. At dinner, we met some Soviet students. Larissa, Joe (from Springfield, MA) and I took our Soviet charges down to the mall for the Fireworks (I remember being on the edge of some body of water, so it might have been the reflecting pool, or maybe the tidal basin). The fireworks were amazing and I seem to remember music as well.

Jessica (I think), Jen?, Eileen M, Jake


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